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The Linyanti Concession in the north-east of Botswana covers 120,000 hectares of pristine wilderness and is home to four of the big five (no rhino) to the river with several lagoons , marshes, papyrus swamps and mopane woodlands. 

Located some 100 miles/3hours journey from Kasane in the Linyanti is situated north of the Savute channel in a corner of the Chobe National Park, this game reserve is home to many diverse habitats and hundreds of elephants and African wild dogs along the floodplains.  

Why visit the Linyanti Concession?

Safari at the Linyanti Concession

Visitors can expect to see a large number of wildlife along the river areas, during both day and night drives. The Kwando River flows from Angola into Botswana and, like the Okavango River, dissipates over the sand of the Kalahari Desert.  

This overspill of water forms the Linyanti Swamps and when there is a big flood, the swamps expand to form a delta, with papyrus and reed lined waterways and lagoons.  

A faultline drains the Linyanti Swamps into the Linyanti River, which ultimately flows into the Chobe River.

The Linyanti River to the north of NG15 is a permanent watercourse and thus a magnet for the wildlife of northern Botswana and a destination for migration from the dry areas of northern Botswana.  

A popular destination with safari tours, the park offers plenty of attractions and wildlife for couples on a Botswana honeymoon safari and groups on a luxury safari

A mating pair of African Lions in the sparse grassy plains of the Linyanti Concession area of Botswana – Source: stuporter – Adobe Stock ©


Just east of the Okavango Delta, Linyanti is famous for its lions as well as spotted hyenas, leopards, kudus, impala, reedbuck, steenbok, waterbuck, giraffes,  warthogs, baboons, wild dogs, wildebeest, zebra, elephant and buffalo. 

In the first six months of the year, smaller groups and small bull herds of elephants will be seen.  Smaller mammals include side-striped jackal, bat-eared fox, serval and aardwolf.

A hippo surrounded by tall reed grasses lurches forward through the deep swamp waters of the Linyanti Concession – Source: Philip – Adobe Stock ©


Birdlife includes carmine bee-eaters which have learned to follow game viewing vehicles to feed on the insects that fly up to avoid the wheels as well as raptors and wattled cranes. 

Other activities at Linyanti

Linyanti offers visitors different options when it comes to experiencing the beauty of this area. 

Safari walks

Explore wildlife on foot on authentic walking safaris, an economical means of exploring wildlife in Linyanti. 

Helicopter tours

A scenic helicopter flight over the landscape offers a unique perspective on the incredible wildlife, waters, islands and lagoons. 

River cruises

Traverse the Linyanti river in comfortable cruisers exploring the diverse wildlife. 

Dinner experience

Wine and dine with some amazing food and wine from the best chefs in the region. 

Check out our article on the best things to do in Botswana which includes other activities including eco safari walks with local bushmen.

How to get to the Linyanti Concession?

By Plane 

The only way to visit the Linyanti Concession is by charter plane with flights from either Maun or Kasane (or other camps in Botswana). 

There is an air strip near King’s Pool and another between Savuti Camp and DumaTau.

For visitors wondering how to get to Botswana, you can fly to Maun (MAU), Gaborone (GAB) or Kasane (BBK) airports. A Botswana visa and certain vaccinations may also be required to enter the country.

By Road

Located some 100 miles/3 hours journey from Kasane. However, no self-drivers are allowed into this private concession. 

Car rental in Botswana is an excellent way to tour this stunning country and see the incredibly diverse range of Botswana animals and scenery. 

Tariffs & Regulations 

Entrance Fee

Entrance fees will typically be included in the tour operator booking. No self-drivers are allowed into this private concession.  

Carrying a small amount of Botswana currency, the Pula (BWP) is useful when paying for smaller food or ticket items. 


When visitors enter the reserve, they must follow common sense rules including picking up waste, respecting the reserve schedules and staying in the vehicle when required. 

Accommodation at Linyanti Concession

Linyanti has many fine accommodation options available for guests. The area is divided into three concessions: 

  • Linyanti reserve (NG15) 
  • Kwando concession (NG14) lies to the north 
  • Selinda concession (NG16) in the centre. 

Tented camps

There are many camps in Linyanti offering the very best of luxury accommodation including DumaTau, King’s Pool, Little DumaTau, Linyanti Tented Camp, Savuti Camp, Selinda Camp, Zarafa Camp, Linyanti Bush Camp, Duma Tau Camp, Saile Tented Camp and Three Baobabs.

Linyanti Tented camp can be booked solely for families and small groups and has the ideal location for those wishing to experience the wildlife-rich Linyanti Concession. Predators include lion, wild dog, leopard and hyena.


Camp Linyanti luxury camping

The camp is situated north of Savuti campgrounds under big shady trees. There are 5 campsites in Linyanti, each with its own water toilets, showers and braai area. 

Useful information  


Located some 100 miles/3hours from Kasane in the north-east of Botswana. 


The climate in Linyanti Concession is warm to hot with day time temperatures averaging from 25C/77F to 32C/89F.

Best time to visit Linyanti Concession

The dry season months (June to Nov) when surface water from the wet season rainfall has disappeared in other areas.  

Understanding the best time to visit Botswana is useful as this can impact safari prices and availability. 

With some of Botswana’s best parks and reserves an easy charter flight away, trips are often combined with tours to the Okavango Delta and Chobe National Park ecosystem.


Linyanti Concession lies in a high-risk malaria zone with antimalarials recommended for visitors. 


Where is the Linyanti Concession located?

In the north-east of Botswana, the only way to visit the Linyanti Concession is by charter plane. 

How much is the park entrance fee?

Entrance fees will typically be included in the tour operator booking. No self-drivers are allowed into this private concession. 

What animals will visitors see?

Lions, spotted hyenas, leopards, kudus, impala, reedbuck, steenbok, waterbuck, giraffes,  warthogs, baboons, wild dogs, wildebeest, red lechwe, zebras, elephants and large herds of buffaloes.