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Families looking to enjoy the thrills of a wildlife safari in a safe, fun environment will be very pleased with what Botswana has to offer.

This southern Africa gem offers something for the whole family and offers a great selection of privately guided safaris, intimate luxury lodges and children’s programmes.

Your kids will love it and cherish these memories for life. Below we’ve detailed some frequently asked questions when researching Botswana family tours.

Is Botswana good for families?

Botswana is an excellent choice for a family safari when planned carefully and taking your children on safari can be endlessly rewarding.

An eye-opening wonder of nature, your family will experience so much from the awesome views of mother and baby elephants walking in tandem on the open plains of Botswana, rhinos splashing in swamps, prides of lions hunting on the open plains to learning how San Bushmen find water in the desert.

The rustic camps and campsites are ideal for immersing the family in nature, away from the hustle and bustle of life back home. This is the kind of experience that brings families closer together.

On top of this, visitors will find the big five (lion, leopard, rhino, elephant and African buffalo), superb dining and service as well as comfortable transport and child friendly facilities, perfect for international visitors and neighbouring South Africa.

How old should my children be to go on a Botswana family tour?

Botswana is best suited to kids above eight years of age. This is the minimum age requirement at many lodges. Parents can take younger kids, but this might require more planning and your options will be fewer.

Botswana is a relatively expensive safari destination and the high cost might be wasted on children too young to appreciate the experience. It should be noted that walking safaris are not permitted for children under 12.

Teenagers are of course welcome also and will be captivated not just by the incredible wildlife and parks including the Okavango Delta and Kalahari desert but also the various activities and things to do including mokoro (canoe) safaris and sleeping under the stars.

What to pack for kids on a family safari in Botswana?

Preparing a list of practical items prior to going on an international safari trip will make life a lot easier for families. Parents should ensure they have the following items packed:

  • Neutral coloured clothes
  • Long-sleeved shirts protecting against the sun and mosquitoes
  • Jackets and sweaters for early morning game drives
  • Comfortable walking shoes
  • Sunscreen, sunglasses, a hat and insect repellent
  • Basic medicines
  • Antihistamines

Aside from this, check your luggage restrictions for domestic flights or bush flights if that is part of your itinerary. Even if you don’t have any local flights, the space in the vehicle for a road trip is also limited.

Make sure you have something to keep the little ones entertained. Maybe an Africa-themed book or colouring book, iPad or a favourite game or anything else that will keep them occupied when things go a bit slow.

Although most lodges will go out of their way to cook child-friendly dishes, it might help to take some snacks along, especially if your kids are picky eaters.

What can you expect on a Botswana family safari tour?

Happy kids and happy parents. Botswana is very well setup to cater for all the needs a family has on safari from helpful service, great food, friendly locals, incredible mammal wildlife, exquisite lodges, and evening cocktails served when the little ones are fast asleep.

Safari tours can be adapted per the families preferences and budget, with combinations of lodges, jeep safari, internal plane transfers and professional tour guides all included allowing you and your family to relax and behold the wonders of the Okavango Delta and Chobe National Park.

Are Botswana safaris safe for families ?

Blessed with a healthy climate and free from natural disasters, Botswana is safe for younger children and their families to travel around.

In fact, it’s one of the safest travel destinations in Africa. Financially, politically and socially stable, it’s also a country largely unblighted by crime and corruption.

From the moment that you are picked up from the airport, your guide will look out for your safety at all times. Some activities, such as walking safaris, are not allowed for children under a certain age.

Choosing your accommodation carefully is a great way to reduce any risks associated with the locations. Many safari camps in Botswana are unfenced. Choosing a fenced lodge without river access might be a better choice when travelling with children.”

How much are Botswana family tours?

There are many variables that determine the price of Botswana family safari packages. A 7-day budget camping safari for a family of four starts at around USD $6,000.

A 7-day mid-range safari lodge and tour for a family of four costs around USD $10,000 with luxury tours priced higher.

Some group safaris allow older children, but in most cases it is recommended to book a private safari for your family. To keep down costs, a camping safari could be a great option.

Camping adds to the sense of adventure and most kids love it. If you and your kids prefer more luxury, you can also opt for a lodge safari. Make sure to check the minimum age restrictions though.

Best month for family safaris in Botswana?

The best time to travel to Botswana for families may be between April to October when conditions are great for viewing wildlife, rain is infrequent, and there are fewer mosquitoes in the area.

July in particular works best as this coincides with the school summer vacations. At this time, it can be cold in the mornings, around 6C/42F, but rising to 25C/77F later on in the day.

These dry months are a great time to see wildlife as they tend to congregate around water sources and are easy to spot.

How many days do you need on a family safari in Botswana?

A safari of six to eight days is recommended for families, perhaps longer depending on your kids’ ages. Safaris can take some adjustment as they involve early morning wake-up calls at 5am for sunrise drives as well as an afternoon or evening drive.

Taking this into consideration as well as the sheer number of wildlife and national park attractions to see in this incredible country, visitors should plan accordingly per the needs of their family and children.

Longer time periods are of course better, however families will need to decide on their own time requirements based upon budget, attractions they’d like to see, children’s needs and more.

Does Botswana have luxury family safaris?

Botswana is Africa’s most exclusive safari destination and each private reserve has just one or two luxury lodges guaranteeing a series of private experiences as you travel from one exquisite location to the next.

Expert guides will take your family on safari among big cats and vast elephant herds in beautiful deltas and deserts. Visitors can also head out by open vehicle, on foot, by canoe and even on horseback seeing almost no-one else on a family holiday you’ll treasure forever.

Botswana has around 100,000 elephants; far more than any other country, and a huge variety of other wildlife. The settings are idyllic, especially the Okavango Delta which is a network of shallow channels and fertile grassland and forest.

In a truly versatile Botswana family safari tour, your family can explore the landscapes and encounter the local wildlife by air, boat or even on foot, as well as the experiences tied up in the luxury and authentic family-friendly accommodation; including private riverside eco lodges, tented camps, and stellar villas with kids clubs and special activities.

What are the best family safari tours in Botswana?

The following are samples of some of the most popular Botswana family safari tours taking parents and little ones to the most beautiful regions of the country.

7-day Okavango Delta, Savute & Chobe Family Safari

DaysTrip detailsStay
1-2Explore the scenic Delta waterways after arriving at Botswana’s Maun AirportLuxury camps at Moremi Game Reserve
3-4See predators in Savuti. Enjoy early morning and late afternoon game drives with expert guides discovering lions, leopards, hyenas.Tent at Chobe National Park
5-6Light aircraft transfer and search for Chobe’s elephants along the fertile floodplains and in the forests of the Chobe River. Spot buffalo, hippos and crocodiles.Lodge at Chobe National Park
7Travel back to Kasane, enjoy breakfast and depart your lodge, transfer by road to Kasane Airport to connect with your onward flight.

9-day Okavango Delta & Victoria Falls Family Safari

DaysTrip detailsStay
1Arrive into the Okavango DeltaLuxury camps at Okavango Delta
2-3Experience the Okavango Delta gliding along in a traditional mokoro (canoe), keeping an eye out for Africa’s Big 5 and birdlife.  Other optional activities include powerboat trips or fishing excursions.Fully equipped lodge at Okavango Delta
4-6Explore a completely different, yet equally amazing, section of the Delta, on game drives, nature walks, and mokoro trips.Tented camp at Linyanti Concession
7-8Marvel at the Victoria Falls: Travel across the border to Zimbabwe staying at an exquisite lodge situated in the town of Victoria Falls. 

Located conveniently close to this mighty sheet of falling water, the lodge serves as a perfect base from which to explore the Falls. Spend the afternoon relaxing here, where some of the resident wildlife grazes on the lawn. 

Families can also go on a relaxing boat cruise down the Zambezi River or try out one of the many adventure sports offered at the Falls.
Lodge at Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe
9Fly home


What to do on a family safari in Botswana?

Discover the incredible big 5 wildlife on guided game viewing safaris, staying in luxury lodges, mokoro (canoe rides), wildlife, children’s activities and enjoying numerous activities from walking to yoga to horseback safaris.

How much does a family safari in Botswana cost?

Prices can range from a more ‘modest’ 7-day budget camping safari for a family of four at around USD $6,000 to a 7-day mid-range lodge tour for a family of four costing around USD $10,000 with luxury tours priced higher.

When to go on a family safari in Botswana?

A Botswana family safari can be done all year round. Families find April to October ideal for safaris as this is when conditions are great for spotting wildlife, rain is infrequent, and there are fewer mosquitoes in the area.