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Things to do

An incredibly well preserved country dedicated to conservation, wildlife and superb safaris, Botswana has so much to offer.  Below, we’ve detailed the 20 best things to do in Botswana as well as what to do in Botswana besides safari excursions. Table of Contents Botswana regions to visitBotswana safari: The main event Other places of interest in … Read more

Safari price

Renowned as a luxury safari destination, Botswana remains a very unspoilt and wild country, reflected in the top notch safari experience visitors have come to expect. Correspondingly, Botswana safari prices are considered higher here in comparison to other African nations  Visitors often wonder about the approximate cost of Okavango Delta safaris and if affordable Botswana … Read more


During your safari in Botswana, guests will have to pay for accommodation, food, park entrance fees, activities and more. Knowing the currency of Botswana and what is/isn’t acceptable will be useful for visitors to understand.  Table of Contents What is the official currency of Botswana?What is the Botswana currency exchange rate?Should a visitor change money … Read more


An important step in the preparation for a safari in southern Africa is to be aware of the various entry requirements including vaccines, visas and accompanying guidelines and regulations.  Table of Contents Any compulsory vaccines in Botswana?Recommended vaccines for BotswanaBotswana health recommendationsUseful linksBotswana Covid 19 informationFAQs Any compulsory vaccines in Botswana? There are no mandatory … Read more

Car rental

The distance between the different parks and reserves of Botswana can be vast. Visitors can travel long distances between parks, including from the Okavango Delta in the north to the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park in the south-west.  Accordingly, some visitors prefer to have the luxury of their own car or 4×4, taking the time to explore … Read more


A safari in Botswana is above all a trip to see the most incredible wildlife Africa has to offer in beautiful landscapes.  Discover the main Botswana animals, including the big 5 and the largest population of elephants in the world, that visitors can expect to see on their trip to southern Africa. Table of Contents … Read more


To help prepare visitors for their trip to Botswana, we’ve detailed the key elements for a visa for Botswana, if a visa is required, how to apply and how much it costs. Table of Contents Visa for Botswana and other requirementsApplying for your Botswana visaUseful visa contactsFAQs Visa for Botswana and other requirements Visitors from … Read more

How to get there

Arriving into Botswana requires some know-how of the country’s main airport and land crossings, airlines which operate there and how much visitors should expect to budget for this. Table of Contents How to get to Botswana: Options available When and where to book a flight to Botswana ?What is the cost of getting to Botswana? FAQs How … Read more

Best time to visit

When planning a trip to southern Africa, choosing the best time to visit Botswana is important and guests should be aware of the differences in climate, availability, activities and pricing when choosing between the various months and seasons.  Table of Contents Best time to go to Botswana: months and seasonsWeather and climate in BotswanaWhen to … Read more