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Chumbe Island

Chumbe Island is a small privately owned island lying some 6 miles off the main island of Zanzibar, known for its protected areas, ecological innovation and exceptional coral reefs. One of the biggest attractions of … Read more

Pamunda island

Pamunda Island in Tanzania is a small island in the Zanzibar archipelago, situated southeast of Nguruwe Island, and west of Miwi Island, all of which are small islands located south of Zanzibar aka Unguja island … Read more

Unguja Island

Unguja Island in Tanzania is one of the most beautiful islands in the world. Also known as Zanzibar island and located off the coast of Tanzania, Unguja’s 643 sq. mile island is known for its … Read more
Pemba Island sandbank, Tanzania. A paradise on Earth.

Pemba island

Pemba Island in Tanzania is the 2nd largest island in the Zanzibar archipelago at 381 sq. miles, located north of the island of Zanzibar and the coastal city of Dar es Salaam in Tanzania. Most … Read more

Mafia Island

Mafia Island in Tanzania is the third largest island in the country’s ocean territory, located in the Pwani Region. Known for its picture perfect beaches and incredibly diverse marine life,  Mafia Island has some of … Read more