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Best time to visit

When planning a trip to Africa, choosing the best time to visit Uganda and its surroundings is important. Guests should be aware of the differences in climate, availability, activities and pricing when choosing between the various months and seasons. Best time to go to Uganda: Regions and months The best time to visit Uganda is … Read more

Things to do

Uganda’s outstanding features are the largest freshwater lake on the continent, the source of the longest river, the strongest waterfall, the largest number of primates, and the highest number of mountain gorillas worldwide, a stunning bucket list destination with so much to offer. Below, we’ve detailed the best things to do in Uganda including free … Read more

How to get there

Visitors arriving into Uganda will need to have an understanding of the country’s main airport, airlines and land borders providing visitors access to this east African gem and how to plan for the latest travel requirements. How to travel to Uganda: Options available Flights The main entry point for flights into Uganda is Entebbe International … Read more


To help prepare visitors for their trip to Uganda, we’ve detailed the key elements for a visa for Uganda, if a visa is required, how to apply and how much it costs. Visa for Uganda and other requirements Most visitors going on a Uganda safari to Bwindi NP or other reserves including Kibale NP must … Read more


An important step in the preparation for a trip to Uganda for an African safari is to be aware of travel health guidelines, regulations on vaccinations and what precautions should be taken in a visitor’s travel plans. Any compulsory vaccines in Uganda? There are both routine vaccinations for entry and strongly recommended vaccination requirements for … Read more


During a stay in Uganda on the east African continent, guests will have to pay for accommodation, food, park entrance fees, activities and more upon arrival in Entebbe. Below, we detail the essentials of the Uganda currency and what is and isn’t accepted. What is the official currency of Uganda? The shilling is the official … Read more